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A daily routine with Dr. B Dental Solutions will:

  • Protect your health, comfort and quality of life.
  • Help prevent common, yet serious issues related to infections, dry mouth, sore spots, odor, difficulty eating, cleaning on the go & more.
  • Keep your prosthetic clean and in great condition for long-term success.

Promo Code: AFF15

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Offer only available to Affordable Dentures & Implants patients on SINGLE & MULTI-PACK UNITS. No usage limits or expiration date. May be combined with other promo codes where applicable. Terms & conditions apply.

Did you know?
If you use all 6 of our products every day for a full year, the average cost per day is approx. $1 total. For 6 premium and unique products that significantly improve your quality of life and the way you feel, this is a bargain!