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It really depends on how much you use for your denture. The Adhesadent should last about 30 days if you use it as instructed. I have included an instructional video from Dr. Berland with great tips for using Adhesadent. Since Adhesadent is so powerful and has a long‑lasting hold, you do not need to use as much adhesive as with other brands. With Adhesadent, less is more.

Cleanadent Paste is safe for natural teeth, though it does not contain Fluoride as it was designed to be used on oral appliances and gums which do not require fluoride. As a dentist, Dr. Berland recommends using a fluoride toothpaste on natural teeth, but there definitely will not be any damage from using Cleanadent Paste on natural teeth. Cleanadent Paste has an alkaline pH of 9.5, which is higher than regular toothpaste, it helps protect the enamel by neutralizing the acidic bacteria that causes cavities. We would recommend that you alternate between Cleanadent Paste and a regular fluoride toothpaste or rinse on your natural teeth for cavity protection.

All removable appliances should be disinfected daily. The disinfecting starts to work instantly so the amount of time you leave it in depends on how dirty the appliance is. All that is really needed is 5-20 mins daily. If the appliance/denture is very dirty, try soaking it overnight the first time and 5-20 minutes every day after that. If you have a soft reline, do not soak overnight. If you prefer to soak over-night, we recommend doing so in plain water.

While the Ultrasonic Cleaner is a great addition to your cleaning routine, it is not necessary for the Liquid Crystal Cleanser to clean and disinfect your dental appliance. A cup or bowl may also be used. However, the Ultrasonic Cleaner provides a deeper clean through ultrasonic waves that helps the Liquid Crystal solution penetrate the porous material of dental appliances and mechanically removes plaque, debris and biofilm. For best results, we always recommend using both products together.

Cleanadent Paste and Adhesadent have a shelf life of 5 years. The Liquid Crystal Soak Cleanser has a shelf life of 2 years. We run multiple production rounds per year so you can be assured that any products you receive will have a very long shelf life.

We are a new company, so for now, we are only available in the US & Canada. We are growing rapidly and are working to make our products available across the globe. Please feel free to contact us by email for specific information and areas of delivery.

Whether you order 1 item, or as many as you would like at one time the shipping cost is only $9.89. The more you order at one time the more you save! Our products are also available on Amazon and Amazon Prime so for Prime Members the shipping should be free.