Fixed Hybrid Kit – Single Kit – Green

$40.95 – Save By Purchasing Together!
For: Fixed Implant-Bridges, All-on-4, All-on-X

Includes Cleanadent Paste, Dental Prosthetic and Mouth Toothbrush, Cleanadent Denture, and Gum Wipes.

Feel Clean, Refreshed & Moisturized


  • Cleanadent Denture and Gum Paste
  • Cleanadent Denture and Gum Wipes
  • Dr. B Denture and Mouth Tooth Brush

Ideal for Fixed Implant-Bridges (All-on-4, All-on-X)

Units per SKU: 1


The ONLY Cleaning System Designed For Fixed Implant-Bridges!

Protect Your Investment

Fixed Implant-Bridges are costly treatments and are considered to be as close to natural teeth as possible. However, until now there was no was to clean them. Never use regular toothpaste and toothbrushes as they are too abrasive and will cause damage.

Always Clean After Meals

It is essential to clean implant-bridges after every meal. Otherwise, food debris, plaque and biofilm can damage your appliance and your health.

Bring Cleanadent Wipes for portable hygiene! Perfect for restaurants, the office, the car and more!

The ONLY Toothpaste Safe For Implant-Bridges

Cleanadent Paste is ultra low-abrasive and specially designed to safely clean dental prosthetics. Combined with the EXTRA-SOFT Dr. B Toothbrush, this is the perfect system for cleaning your implant-bridges like normal teeth!

Made with Vitamins, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil to help Clean, Soothe and Moisturize.


Twice Daily

1. Apply Cleanadent Paste to the Dr. B Toothbrush

2. Thoroughly brush the prosthetic, mouth, gums and tongue

3. Rinse with water

As Needed

1. Use the Cleanadent Wipe with your finger to clean around the prosthetic, the mouth and tongue

2. For best results, use a separate wipe for cleaning the prosthetic and the mouth

For more information visit our clean tips page.

Developed By A Dentist, Recommended By Dentists

See why thousands of dental professionals recommend our cleaning system!

“What amazing products. Highly recommended! A whole system which my patients can use for all dental prostheses.. Patients love the adhesive “it holds my denture better”. The cleansing paste removes the adhesive in an effective manner, and the Cleanadent Crystals are a must for all those who wear a dental appliance!”

DR. Israel Finger


Are you a denture professional?

“thanks for creating such a great product. My patients love the Cleanadent Liquid Crystals and the Dr B Sonic Cleaner. I love the fact they can order online without me having to keep it in stock. Several patients have told me it makes thier appliances smell and taste better. It has also helped a few with some fungal issues. Great stuff Lorin. Thanks we needed this.”

Dr. Mitch Conditt


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