Ultrasonic Cleaner 2-Pack

Ultrasonic Wave Vibrating Bath

  • Mechanically Cleans with Ultrasonic Waves
  • 3 Timer Settings (5, 10, and 15 minutes)
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • 2 Power Options (Battery & USB)
  • Deeper Receptacle Fits Both Arches

Units per SKU: 2



Highly Effective Mechanical Cleaning

The Dr. B Ultrasonic Cleaner uses high-frequency sonic waves to mechanically clean dental appliances. This device helps loosen debris, remove biofilm, stains and plaque.

Always Use A Soak Cleanser

The Ultrasonic Cleaner should always be used with a soak cleansing product to fully disinfect dental appliances. When used together, the Ultrasonic Cleaner helps the Liquid Crystal Cleanser penetrate the porous material of dental appliances for a deeper clean.


Superior Functionality

The Dr. B Ultrasonic Cleaner has 3 timer settings. Press the power button consecutively to set the timer for 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes. When the cycle is complete, the device will shut off automatically.


1.Open lid and remove batteries and USB

2. Insert batteries or plug in USB to operate

3. Fill basin with water (though not completely full) and squirt 4 pumps of Liquid Crystal Soak Cleanser

4. Insert dental appliance into the solution

5. Close lid

6. There are 3 timer options with Auto Shut-off

Press the power button 1x for 5 minutes, 2x for 10 minutes & 3x for 15 minute

7. Once the cycle is complete remove appliance and rinse thoroughly.

For more information visit our clean tips page.

Real Customer Testimonials

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I'm so glad I now have Dr. B. Not only great products, but Dr. B and Dusty, his customer service manager, are such incredible and so caring people. My dentures feel so clean and protect me from thrush and staph. I have so many health issues so if any products can protect me from infection- I'm game. People need to try it because I know they will love it!
Heather B  Verified Buyer


I am a lover of your products and will never use another! BTW, the new Sonic Cleanser is FANTABULOUS!!!!
Deb Walters Newberry  Verified Buyer


My husband has been using your product since he has gotten his full implants. First tube was given to him by the dentist and recommended. We order 4-6 tubes at a time. He gets excellent reviews every time he gets them cleaned. Great product, thank you.
Theresa H  Verified Buyer


I just want to know how much I LOVE the new UltraSonic denture cleaner. I used it as soon as I received it and it is just GREAT. I can't thank you enough. I am so glad Dr. Weir recommended your ADA approved products.
Twyla B  Verified Buyer


Just want you to know that you not only have the best products on the market, you have the BEST customer service!
Terri W  Verified Buyer


The paste really is awesome! I still have some of my natural teeth on bottom, and I have been obsessed with doing everything I can to save them. I love how the paste makes my gums feel, and when I use the crystals with the ultrasonic cleaner, my partial and denture feel so much fresher and cleaner than before, and I even used to soak overnight with the tablets I mentioned before. I am just thankful that I learned about these products. I've bought name brand toothpaste that doesn't even have the ADA stamp of approval!
LR  Verified Buyer


I ordered the Dr. B's products that I've heard people say such great things about. I've always been obsessed with cleanliness and had just bought one of the ultrasonic cleaners a few weeks before that. I might use it too frequently, lol. Anyway, my point here is, if you haven't tried Dr. B's products like I hadn't before learning about them through the internet, I highly recommend trying these products out! What a difference!! I've always been what I call a "product junkie," & I have countless tubes of toothpaste, Efferdent tablets, stocked up on electric toothbrushes, etc. but Every item in the Dr. B Denture Kit I ordered is AMAZING, and the only regret I have is not ordering sooner! Remember that clean feeling after a good cleaning from an oral hygienist? That's what I compare the clean feeling to after using these products. Even better, the entire kit I got cost me less than all those products I USED to buy...thinking I was buying the best. I was wrong. This stuff is superior in every way! Thank you, Stephanie, and anyone else who recommended it!
BH  Verified Buyer


I just wanted to let you know that I have been fighting thrush for years off and on. In particular in the three months prior to trying your product I just could not beat it. As soon as I stopped my heavy duty medications (which were very hard on my liver and overall physical well-being) it would come right back. It was starting to really wear me down. I was doing everything I could to clean my mouth guard, including boiling it and "painting it" with Nystatin - nothing worked. I just kept getting re-infected and having to use Diflucan again. I was so discouraged. The liquid soak changed everything - I have not had any thrush symptoms for 5 weeks since I started using your product. This time period even included a busy holiday season where I indulged in seasonal sugary treats (baked and fermented!). Persistent thrush sufferers will know how amazing this is! I am so thrilled and relieved - Thank-you!
Lisa Blair  Verified Buyer


I just couldn't place my order alone without telling you how wonderful your product is.This time of year it's particularly important to use my ultrasonic cleaner with my cleaning solutions something kills the germs I can help keep me from getting various bugs and I'm chronically ill so it means so much to me to know that I'm sanitizing my dentures. Since I also suffer from fibromyalgia Dr Bs helps with dry mouth and is an amazing plus as well.Being a newly single woman and denture wearer Adhesadent is the only adhesive that works all day and into the night, overnight if I need it to (wink wink)!! That's a real plus for a woman in her denture journey but it's still a secret from her new suitors.I just thought I'd let you all know that I remain a fan of your products and appreciate all you do for the denture community!So happy that the customer service is amazing as well and continues to be of the best quality.
Elaine C  Verified Buyer


I love the sonic cleaner with the Cleanadent Liquid Crystals!! No more odor at all and I feel good that it’s safe from candida. You have helped me eliminate my 3 or sometimes 4 step process to clean my niteguard. I am going to tell my dentist all about your products. I will be sending back last product today. Thank you again. I will be life customer 😊
Carlotta Crossley  Verified Buyer


cleanse/sonic soaking device is awesome
Gary Boston  Verified Buyer


I love my sonic cleaner watching the ripples in the water...it's a denture jacuzzi!
Margaret Colbert  Verified Buyer


LOVE LOVE LOVE this, I got the package with the sonic cleaner and it's amazing. I got another package to do a giveaway on my Youtube channel!
Sherri Garret  Verified Buyer


"Dr. Berland, Thank you for for returning my call and taking the time to speak with me and answer my questions.  I look forward to reading the Patient Education handout and greatly appreciate you sending us the complimentary Sonic Cleaner.   I know your educational information will be helpful to my husband and me.  I wear an appliance to control my TMJ and my husband recently began using an appliance to eliminate snoring and obtain better sleep.  We received our order from you today which was very prompt service. I’m sure we will be ordering more from you in the future not only because the cleaner is good, but because your service and responsiveness were outstanding. We wish you much success in your business."
Marsha Whitlock  Verified Buyer


My New and improved Dr. B’s ultrasound cleaner arrived today and it is absolutely AMAZING! I truly love it. The upgraded version has a screw-on lid, removable dish (like the previous one), & has a timer in 5/10/15 minute intervals. It also comes with a USB cord and batteries so you have the option of using either one. (I have a portable battery from Walmart for 10.00 that I use to charge my phone when away from home and it works perfectly with this cleaner). This new ultrasonic cleaner is so much sturdier and doesn’t “walk” along my countertop like the other one did. It cleans my full dentures very well and is hands down worth every penny. I also bought more of the great denture/toothpaste; adhesive and cleaner both liquid and small wipes. I love - love - love these products and this company. These are really great products and the customer service is above reproach. Thank you Heather Byrnes for introducing me to these products. I hope someone else will see this and decide to try them for themselves. Please check these great products out! PS - Thank you, Dr. B and company!
Rachael P  Verified Buyer


There aren't enough words in the history of forever to explain how life-changing Dr. B's products are. Every single product they've created was done with the user in mind rather than the profit they could make.I suffer from an extreme gag reflex sensitivity to a point where the doctors thought it so extreme that it would be impossible for me even to be able to keep a denture in my mouth because of it. I tried every adhesive you could think of, but none worked because I couldn't handle the taste or residue left on my gums when I took them out. I felt defeated, but then someone recommended Dr. B's. Not going to lie, I almost didn't try it, thinking it would just lead to another disappointment. BOY WAS I WRONG. Even in the first use of adhesive, I could see the difference. I only had to use a pea-size amount to keep my plates where they should be for hours without reapplying, and it didn't trigger my gag reflex because there was no overspill, and it wiped off so quickly afterwards, and there wasn't a disgusting chemical taste. The toothpaste makes your mouth feel squeaky clean and is mint, so it feels and tastes like you're using a normal one. For me, that was a huge help for my anxiety, knowing no one would ever notice the difference if they grabbed it by accident to use.I'm absolutely obsessed with the liquid crystals. I thought I was doing a great job taking care of my plates until I saw how noticeably whiter they were after using the cleaner and ultrasonic. I'm almost 2 years in and still use everything. My dentures look as good as when I first got them, and my oral health has been perfect with the help of Dr B and the confidence he has given me knowing I can trust that they will stay secure in any situation is something I never thought I'd see again.This man changed my life, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will change the futures of every person that uses these products, and for that, I thank him. 100% would recommend.(P.S. their customer service is top-notch, I've never seen a company more dedicated to making sure their customers are happy)
Tiffanie Davenport  Verified Buyer


Dear customer service, i am almost 2 years in my denture journey and i have been using your products consistently! I am very prone to infections if you out my body and knew that this was extremely important because your mouth health affects all of your body so using your products was 2nd nature I love them all but my favorite are the liquid cleaning crystals that I use with my ultrasonic cleaner the adhesive and the toothpaste. As a single again woman back on the dating scene I also use the towelettes for cleaning they're always in my purse or my overnight bag so I guess I used all of your products and love them all. The adhesive has been amazing as I've had to be in my temporaries longer because of a fractured jaw from an assault, I knew there would be incredible shrinkage and doctor b's Adhesadent has kept me from having dentures so loose they fall out. You truly are a blessing to the entire denture community, again thank you for all the amazing products Especially during this covid19 pandemic how amazing to have something like liquid crystals that kills actual germs and bacteria and its the only thing, I feel confident knowing that I can sanitize and clean my dentures in knew that the germs not just for vibrant but for actual diseases have been killed so wonderful. I had to take a moment and tell you all with the quarantine has made my PTSD worse but to know I can take care of my dentures correctly and at a bargain is truly a blessing and benefit that we all need. It's one less thing where I have to worry about taking care of.
Elaine C  Verified Buyer


Hello, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dr B dental product, I so love them. I also wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your new product the cleaning wipes, since I am fortunate and don’t have to use adhesive, it is a great tool to get the food taste and smell off my dentures after a meal out. So thank you! Also one last question, you romised me you were working on a special tooth brush, has this come ”real” yet, I am waiting with baited breath! Please watch my you tube JoBugDillon I promoted your products on the second to last one I made, I said it makes your mouth feel like it went to a spa, and I got great feedback on that, and i think you should use that as a phrase to promote your wonderful product! I am waiting until next month when I get paid to order a new ultrasonic cleaner, mine bit the dust, probably because i have it around too much water haha, I am a bit sloppy at the sink. Bless you all and have a wonderful weekend! JoAnn
JoAnn Dillon  Verified Buyer


) I love Dr.B’s Cleanadent. It is certainly not like your conventional toothpaste that foams up...it foams slightly and a little goes a long way. My favorite part is that it is not too minty and my mouth feels clean and refreshed. It makes your gums feel good. If you get the opportunity to try the Dr. B’s Liquid Crystal jump on it because Liquid Crystal is amazing. I have fallen in love with all of Dr. B’s products, but the 3 I can not live without are the Sonic Cleaner, Liquid Crystal, and Cleanadent. After I purchased his whole kit, I became a Dr. B convert for life and try to keep 3-4 months' worth of product in my house at all times. Then I only have to order 3 or 4 times a year and it’s saving me money too!
Pam F  Verified Buyer


Omgoodness. Today I got to use the new Dr. B's sonic cleaner. It was so nice to set it and forget it. I also used the tooth/gum/denture brush. Wow-what a difference to use one brush and one paste. If you're like me and had Dr. B's solution sitting on the side until you finish what you have, just skip right to it. It is amazing. Dr. B is incredible! They need a subscription plan. Because I don't see using any other brush, paste or sanitizer/cleaner.
Rhonda H  Verified Buyer


The Soak Cleanser and Ultrasonic Cleaner have improved the candida in my mouth considerably. The paste has also brought about a noticeable improvement in my comfort level.
MaryLou Martin  Verified Buyer


I searched Amazon to find a denture toothpaste, and found Dr. B Dental Solution toothpaste. After ordering the toothpaste 6 times, I'm totally satisfied with the toothpaste because it helps with dry mouth and takes the adhesive from my dentures and gums. It also leaves my mouth feeling fresh. I have recently ordered the cleanser and sonic cleanser. The prices are great!! I would recommend any of Dr. B's Dental Solutions to anyone.
Janice Lennen  Verified Buyer


My gums were getting sore around my implants for my dentures until I started using the toothpaste and crystals utilizing their cleaning device to clean my dentures. Love these products! Now my gums are always healthy.
Brenda R  Verified Buyer


Received your products and really like them. I especially like the sonic cleaner and the paste. Glad I listen to the reviews from youtube to try it. You have a happy camper here and I will be ordering in the future.
Diane Villanueva  Verified Buyer


I am So glad i came across the Dr Berlands products. My favorite of all time i highly recommended is the cleanadent. I use that along with the liquid crystals in my sonic solution by Dr B. I had bought as well. I thank them for making such amazing products.
Barbara Hoover  Verified Buyer


The package arrived this morning in tip top shape! Thank you for the dental paste and sonic cleaner. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your excellent customer service. As I said, I am a repeat customer and will always order Dr B products as well as recommend them to my friends.
Estelle Russo  Verified Buyer


Absolutely love the liquid cleanadent crystals and the sonic cleaner! Also, the cleanadent paste has changed the way I brush my gums and my denture. Only one paste needed now instead of two!
‎Kayla Bowen  Verified Buyer


I have been using all of your products for almost 4 years now and am glad I do My mouth feels so much better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Debbie W  Verified Buyer


I use all of the Dr. B cleaning products and would recommend them with 5 stars. In 14 years, I've used Efferdent, Polident, and Fixodent cleaning tablets and Polident Dentu-Creme and Fresh N Brite denture paste and switched to Dr. B products in June. Now I only use Dr. B Dental Solutions. I will never go back to the other products.
Crystal W  Verified Buyer


I also use Dr. B exclusively and I have had zero issues. No sores, not one, no dry mouth, no weird anything. I have healed perfectly and I know it's from his stuff. The only thing I use outside is my antiseptic mouthwash. That's it. Dr. B's is good stuff.
Beck G  Verified Buyer


Omgosh! Dr. B is a game-changer for us denture wearers!! I use his products exclusively!!!
Terri W  Verified Buyer


I’m really young (for dentures) or so I feel I am. I’m only 34 so having to go through this whole process has been really depressing. My teeth started to fall out after cancer. But since finding Dr Bs dental solutions, it hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be! I truly appreciate having a product that someone put so much thought and care into! Dr B supports denture wearers like me. He’s such a kind man! Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be placing more orders in the future!
Kelsey C  Verified Buyer


Lorin Berland I just want to tell you that I absolutely love your products!!! I want to purchase the full package but I have to save a little more first. I have the adhesive, tooth paste, and the wipes. They are all amazing!
Kelsey C  Verified Buyer


Great Products!
Rachael N  Karl Verified Buyer


Just got my first kit yesterday and used the adhesive today. I am so excited. No taste, excellent holding power. I have tried so many and most of them are so gross. The paste is awesome, the cleaner is excellent. Pluses all around!! And it just takes a little bit, so these products will be cost-effective. I could not be happier!!!
Judy V  Verified Buyer


I love love it all!
Debbie R  Verified Buyer


O.M.G Dr. B!! Your products are AMAZING! Nothing at the store compares! I love what your products do in keeping us healthy with beautiful smiles!
Karie E  Verified Buyer


I have tried so many denture adhesives & cleaning products, and nothing worked! Then I found Dr. B Dental Solutions. They have the BEST denture adhesive and cleaning products. The Adhesadent keeps my dentures tight all day, and I’m able to eat anything I want!
Terri W  Verified Buyer


So at the recommendation of Heather B aka The Denture Diva, I ordered the Dr. B kit. It came in yesterday and came with way more than I was expecting. It literally included one of each of his products including a travel size Crystals solution. I've been wanting a sonic denture bath since before eday and immediates. I started out last night using the sonic denture bath and liquid crystals and this morning starting with a new ultra soft tooth brush and new denture brush using the cleanadent not only to brush my dentures but also my gums, palate and tongue followed by applying the adhesadent and I must say I'm quite impressed with the mild yet fresh flavor of it all. If only he made a mouthwash that would be great. If you'd like to try these all natural products be sure to use the DENT promotion for 20% off your first order.
Cynthia Rose  Verified Buyer


I love Dr. B’s Dental Solution! Every product they make is fantastic! I have had issues with thrush every since I got my upper denture, and Dr. B’s products are the only products on the market that have helped to alleviate it. Also, Dr. B and the entire staff are so friendly and always available to answer any questions; their customer service is A+. I give 5 stars to both Dr. B’s Dental Solution’s products and their customer service! Thank you guys so much for making my denture and implant denture journey so much easier! 💕❤️ You guys rock!
Stephanie S  Verified Buyer


I received my kit so fast. I ordered on 4-18-20 and got my kit today 4-22-20! Thank you so much!!! It was like Christmas and immediately tried it out and already love it and the adhesive is so amazing (6 hrs in and hold strong)nothing else has worked to keep my teeth in! I was able to actually eat with my teeth not moving around!! I have lupus and have gotten thrush so much and Im so excited to try this product!!! Thanks again!!!!
James M  Verified Buyer


Best products I have ever used. It is unbelievable how good it works. Get some today, you won’t regret it.
Sharon Holton  Verified Buyer


In the last year, I lost all my teeth. The hardest thing for me was a thought of wearing dentures. I knew nothing about it and had to do a lot of research. Before my doctor at Clear Choice took out and put in my new teeth, he gave me a package that had all of your products in it, so I had a start. I came home and looked you up and read all I could. One of the things that you have helped me with is my dry mouth. It was a big problem, but now with the Adhesadent things are a lot better! Thank you for creating such an amazing product!
Andrea Griffin  Verified Buyer


The best products I’ve tried for cleaning and adhesive. I love the cleaning paste also, it makes my mouth feel so clean! And their customer service is seriously AMAZING. My most recent order either got delivered to the wrong address, or got stolen off my porch. I emailed Dr B’s to see what my options were. I got a personal phone call to verify my shipping information and they sent out a new package. Not only that, but they also sent me about 5 extra products and no charge. WHAT?! So amazing. Thank you Dr B and team, y’all are amazing.
Shayna J.  Verified Buyer


"I found your products through an online Vlog and instantly had to try it. I fell IN absolute love. I bought the kit that included the adhesive, tooth paste, aoic cleaner and sanitizing crystals. I have been absolutely 100% satisfied with everything. My favorite being the tooth paste cleanser. I like that I can use it in mouth as well as out. I've even ordered a tube or two since my initial order. I love it so much. I wish I could keep it stocked but being a stay at home mom sometimes funds are limited! This is the best kit you can buy. Dr B has absolute amazing products! You will not be disappointed."
Krystal Glace  Verified Buyer


Really Good Adhesive & Cleaner!
Dennis Ford  Verified Buyer


I emailed dr. B and I will sent samples of the adhesive and the cleaning paste I absolutely love it the adhesive holds so secure I mean like 12 14 hours or more and the cleaning paste really cleans my dentures I'm going to try to Sonic cleaner next but I will recommend these products I'm thankful for you to give me these free samples otherwise I wouldn't never knew how great your product is if you want an adhesive that's going to last that's going to give you a secure hold you need to use dr. B and if you want a cleaner that's going to make your teeth shine you need to use dr. B
Adrian Campbell  Verified Buyer


"I honestly don't think there are enough words in the english language to explain how special both this company and their products truly are. I have a severe gag reflex that put me in the position of not being able to even place dentures into my mouth, and a slightly off alveoplasty gave them the slightest tilt on the top that made it even more uncomfortable, painful regardless how many adjustments were done, and unable to eat something even as soft as a banana without tears in my eyes. I tried absolutely EVERYTHING, nothing worked. Even adhesives I found to hold just long enough to eat couldn't be used because of the taste and the difficult to get off film it left on my gums afterwards which left me triggering my gag reflex for an hour as I tried getting it out of my mouth each time. THEN I FOUND DR.B'S!!! I honestly can't say enough about these products!! Not only does their adhesive hold brilliantly (not exaggerating, I literally only need to place two small dots about the size of half a pea, one on each side of my lower denture for all day hold) But the taste of both the adhesadent and cleanadent tastes identical to a normal peppermint toothpaste, one that's mild enough not to cause any feeling of your gums burning or discomfort. Not once have I needed to struggle to get adhesive out of my mouth when using it. The Cleanadent quickly works its magic to ensure you're feeling squeaky clean in the same time it takes to brush. As a bonus, because of the fit and comfort I get with the adhesive allowing the denture to sit properly the top can now lay properly as well without even the slightest bit of adhesive up top. No gagging, better suction, and I don't have to fear wearing them anymore. Because of Dr B's I can wear both top and bottom with confidence. I couldn't even eat a banana before them, and now as I sit here typing this out I'm nibbling on candied peanuts and nothing is budging even a bit or going underneath! I am beyond thankful for everything they've done. I would absolutely recommend them to every single person I know or am asked by. This isn't only because I'm so floored by the quality of their products but also just their team in general. I swear it doesn't matter how many times you speak with them, their empathy, pure confidence in the products, and compassion is matched by no one else. You can truly feel that this is a company who cares about their consumers more than they do the profits. And they'll make you feel how genuinely thankful they are that you're allowing them to be part of your journey and putting your trust into them. I will definitely be a lifetime customer from here on out. The only con I can think of ( and this isn't even really a con) is the cost of shipping for Canada. Dying to try the liquid crystals and sonic cleaner. Heard great things! But I'm holding off until I need to order the other products again which may be awhile as the products are so good that they'll last longer since you don't have to use much!! Don't let that deter you though. They are well worth every cent you pay for them!! Thank you so much for everything Dr. B's!!!!"
Tiffanie Davenport  Verified Buyer