Cleanadent Paste

Cleanadent Paste

Cleanadent Paste

Dental Prosthetic & Mouth Cleansing Paste

  • Ultra-Low Abrasive, Safely Cleans Prosthetics
  • Moisturizes, Refreshes & Soothes Gums
  • Melts Adhesive Away from Denture & Mouth
  • Removes Stains, Odor, Debris, Food & Plaque
  • Rich in Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Vitamins A, D & E
  • The Only Dental Prosthetic & Mouth Toothpaste with the ADA Seal of Acceptance!

Designed for the following appliances

Dentures, Partial Dentures, Implant Dentures and Overdentures.

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Petrolatum, Cellulose Gum, Calcium/Sodium PVM/PA Copolymer, Mineral Oil, Flavor, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Zea Mays (corn) Oil, Cholecalciferol, Retinyl Palmitat.

Real Customer Testimonials

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After using the products you sent me, my dry mouth is better. Love the dental paste. I gave your website info to my dentist to check out your products. I haven’t had any persulfate allergy symptoms from the crystal soak. Thank you so much for making my denture experience better.

Brenda S   Verified Buyer “Your products are great! I love Cleanadent Paste & the toothbrush for my hybrid denture. The double-sided brush is very beneficial since I have a space between the hybrid and my gums that the smaller brush really helps with. The wipes are fantastic. I can’t take my hybrid out of my mouth but, since these are still acrylic, food gets plastered to them, especially between the teeth. Brushing isn’t discrete or convenient so I’ve been keeping the wipes in my purse to handle on-the-go cleaning!”
Kristi Lind (Kalinjax)   Verified Buyer ) When I first tried Cleanadent, I was like holy crap, why doesn’t everyone know about this?!? These are epic kickass products. Cleanadent Paste & Cleanadent Wipes are amazing. The only denture products you can use in your mouth. Dr. B- you’re awesome!
Heather B   Verified Buyer ) I love Dr.B’s Cleanadent. It is certainly not like your conventional toothpaste that foams up…it foams slightly and a little goes a long way. My favorite part is that it is not too minty and my mouth feels clean and refreshed. It makes your gums feel good. If you get the opportunity to try the Dr. B’s Liquid Crystal jump on it because Liquid Crystal is amazing. I have fallen in love with all of Dr. B’s products, but the 3 I can not live without are the Sonic Cleaner, Liquid Crystal, and Cleanadent. After I purchased his whole kit, I became a Dr. B convert for life and try to keep 3-4 months’ worth of product in my house at all times. Then I only have to order 3 or 4 times a year and it’s saving me money too!
Pam F   Verified Buyer I would follow your dentist’s instructions. You cannot use toothpaste on your dentures but you can use it & alcohol free mouthwash on the areas of your mouth not covered by your dentures and you can use alcohol free mouthwash on your dentures to brush them or just use cold water and brush them (use a soft toothbrush) with them still in. If you haven’t already I would strongly suggest buying Dr. B Cleanadent paste. Several people have mentioned that if you call the number under Contact Information (1-844-DRB-DENT (372-3368) ) they can work with you on shipping things more expediently but I have no experience with that. The Cleanadent is the only denture paste that can also be used for your mouth.
Tracy R   Verified Buyer You should never be using toothpaste on your denture. Regular toothpaste causes microscopic abrasions. This can cause mold, mildew, and bacteria to get inside your denture and ruin it. Dr. B’s Cleanadent Paste is the only toothpaste you can use in your mouth and on your denture. It promotes healthy gums, cleans & brightens the denture, and even helps with Dry Mouth!
Heather B   Verified Buyer Absolutely the best toothpaste out there for denture wearers. I love it !
Jenny B   Verified Buyer Omgoodness. Today I got to use the new Dr. B’s sonic cleaner. It was so nice to set it and forget it. I also used the tooth/gum/denture brush. Wow-what a difference to use one brush and one paste. If you’re like me and had Dr. B’s solution sitting on the side until you finish what you have, just skip right to it. It is amazing. Dr. B is incredible! They need a subscription plan. Because I don’t see using any other brush, paste or sanitizer/cleaner.
Rhonda H   Verified Buyer Definitely the most affordable and versatile solution for the appliance and mouth cleaning issues! Use one product to clean both! It works amazingly, and the taste of it isn’t overly minty to hide chemical contents like what you find in toothpaste. It’s effective, refreshing, and protects your mouth and appliances against all kinds of nasties!
Donna S   Verified Buyer The Soak Cleanser and Ultrasonic Cleaner have improved the candida in my mouth considerably. The paste has also brought about a noticeable improvement in my comfort level.
MaryLou Martin   Verified Buyer I have Sjogren’s Syndrome so using the Cleanadent Toothpaste with the new Denture & Mouth Toothbrush on the inside of my mouth after I take out my dentures has had a noticeable effect. My mouth seems soothed after using it. Sometimes I use it twice a day because it feels so good afterwards. I also brush my tongue with the paste and the result has been remarkable – no more black, and much less white. Very impressive.
MaryLou Martin   Verified Buyer I’m only a week old denture wearer. But I use Cleanadent Paste to clean my pearly whites. I love it! It was in the FSA store, and since I already have money coming out for flex spending -it was a win win
Terri M   Verified Buyer You will love Dr. B Products. But if you don’t get anything else from the Dr B line- get the Cleanadent Paste ! It is amazing and the only toothpaste that can be used on dentures, implants and the mouth.
Kelly D   Verified Buyer Love it all! The Cleanadent toothpaste is great because it can be used on mouth and on denture
Kelly D   Verified Buyer LOVE LOVE LOVE… the Cleanadent toothpaste is awesome for coffee drinkers and/or smokers… and the Liquid Crystal is AMAZING!
Jennifer W   Verified Buyer I got the CleanaDent tooth paste and love it! It feels so refreshing
Lisa L   Verified Buyer Dr. B’s Cleanadent Paste is the Best stuff ever for coffee stains ! And I LOVE the new brush🤗 !!
Jennifer W   Verified Buyer I am two years into the process and Cleanadent Paste is all I have been using and love it!
Kristalyn A   Verified Buyer The Cleanadent Paste is Ultra Low abrasive, treats Dry Mouth with moisturizers, and is the ONLY toothpaste Accepted by the ADA for the whole mouth, prosthetics & implants- ideal for Fixed Hybrids/Ao4.
Jeff S   Verified Buyer I use Dr B’s toothpaste and just received a glowing report from the hygienist. That’s all I have been using the last 1.5 years. Love it. A little expensive but worth it
Murphy K   Verified Buyer Dr. B’s truly is the best! I love love love the Cleanadent Paste. I have been using it since right after my e-day, and I will always credit my gums healing as fast and as well as they did to Cleanadent paste. My dentist was SO surprised that I had healthy gums again because they sure weren’t before all those teeth came out. He’d asked me what I was doing, if it was a gum care mouthwash or what.. and I pointed to the Dr. B’s display on the side table in the room and told him that’s what I use. They sell it in the office, so if I’m ever absolutely in a pinch, I can go there & buy one. He hadn’t recommended it to me, so he was surprised to find out that I found it on my own!
W.D.   Verified Buyer Dr B’s Cleanadent paste is what a lot of us use here, it’s completely non abrasive and 100% designed to use on dentures and other appliances. He also has a liquid disinfectant for dentures too which is very effective and convenient. Those denture tabs only kill odor causing bacteria.. and mouthwashes can start staining your denture as time goes on.
Angelina Sophrosyne   Verified Buyer Best products on the market!!!!! I have implants, and this is the only product soft enough to use on the actual implants. I also suffer from thrush, and the liquid cleaning crystals are the ONLY PRODUCT I have found that kills Candida. Thank you, Dr. Berland, for creating such amazing products!!!! We denture wearers are so thankful for you!!! 💕❤️
Stephanie S   Verified Buyer Brilliant 💚 Thank you… Happy Healthy Thanksgiving to you and your family…. Don’t forget the Cleanadent Paste..
Margaret C   Verified Buyer Liquid Crystal and the Cleanadent paste are the only things I use on my dentures. It’s awesome!!
Sherry Z   Verified Buyer This stuff is great. And I love the sonic cleaner! My doctor said my mouth was always red & sore because I smoked too much. Once I started cleaning my dentures with the Crystals, and using all the rest of the DrB stuff, my mouth immediately felt better. Even the dentist was amazed how well I looked. And I still smoke! All the DrB stuff is the BOMB. I can’t wait to get the new brush!
Joey F   Verified Buyer Your products are excellent. I have all of them. I especially love the Cleanadent toothpaste which can be used to brush the denture teeth as well as natural teeth. Not too many products out there are for both natural and denture teeth.
John B   Verified Buyer I have used Cleanadent for many months and my mouth has never been so healthy. Gums are pink and my teeth have never been this white. I can’t wait to see the dentist!” The Cleanadent Paste is the only one of it’s kind. It’s brilliant. I use it on my upper gums and palate, my denture and natural lower teeth. I can’t wait ti it with the new brush!
Steve S   Verified Buyer I searched Amazon to find a denture toothpaste, and found Dr. B Dental Solution toothpaste. After ordering the toothpaste 6 times, I’m totally satisfied with the toothpaste because it helps with dry mouth and takes the adhesive from my dentures and gums. It also leaves my mouth feeling fresh. I have recently ordered the cleanser and sonic cleanser. The prices are great!! I would recommend any of Dr. B’s Dental Solutions to anyone.
Janice Lennen   Verified Buyer This and the Cleanadent paste are the only things I use on my dentures. It’s awesome!!
Sherri G.   Verified Buyer My gums were getting sore around my implants for my dentures until I started using the toothpaste and crystals utilizing their cleaning device to clean my dentures. Love these products! Now my gums are always healthy.
Brenda R   Verified Buyer I am a new denture wearer and after a lot of research began using Dr. B’s dental solutions. I use the Cleanadent Paste, three times a day. The paste is great for my gums, teeth, dentures, and entire mouth. I love having one paste for my oral hygiene.
Julius T   Verified Buyer I love the Cleanadent paste and crystals because I feel confident that my dentures are being well taken care of with minimal effort on my part.
Diane Wimmer   Verified Buyer I love the way my mouth feels nice an fresh im so blessed i came around this product .. i love it an recommend it 100 % for people like me.. keep up your good product dr b🤗☺️
Maria E   Verified Buyer I used cleanadent for the first time and was flabbergasted at the results. My teeth seen brighter, gums healthier, and whole inside of mouth fresh and squeaky clean. Amazing !!!
Stephen Siegel   Verified Buyer The CleanADent denture and gum cleaning paste is the best product that I have found to clean my upper PRIB and lower all on five denture. The paste does a very good job of cleaning your gums and dentures plus it’s non-abrasive and will not ruin your expensive dental work. I have researched the abrasive index of other toothpastes and found that even the one with the lowest abrasive index is still abrasive. The CleanADent paste is 100% non-abrasive plus it’s the best tasting paste that I have ever tried. Additionally it contains vitamins for oral health plus the aloe vera, coconut oil and tea tree oil help with dry mouth for denture wearers as well as people on medications that cause dry mouth. I am very satisfied with this product and highly recommend it.
Dr. Myron E. Krawchuk   Verified Buyer “Dear Dr. Berland, I recently went through oral surgery/grafting and received my first dentures, and my most excellent dentist, Dr. Mike Maroon (Berlin, CT) gave me your Cleanadent crystals and Cleanadent denture cleaning paste to care for them. My dental technician also gave me a tube of Adhesadent, but as I am only four weeks in and will only have my stitches out and first soft reline next week, I have not used the paste yet. However, I am very satisfied with the solution and cleaning paste. I am pleased to say that these have been instrumental in my healing and my technician says I am healing faster than many of her younger patients (I am 60). As my dentures fit rather well now after the usual adjustments, I am hoping to be able to limit my use of adhesive, if possible, to the lower plate – the top so far is extremely manageable and stable. The goal is to get full implants when possible and I am sure your products will help me reach it and be with me even after that. Thank you again for these developments. Best regards, Michelle W.”
Michelle L Warmath   Verified Buyer I have been using the clean advent paste on my gums for almost 2 weeks. I had a gum graft about 5 weeks ago, and have been so worried about using regular toothpaste on my tender gums. I like how soft it makes my gums feel. They are not constantly dry or sore. I seen the products on YouTube and thought let’s give it a try. So worth the price. I wish I would have found and tried it sooner. I will be ordering again.
Rachel   Verified Buyer I love the crystals and cleanadent paste!! Thank you for such great products!!
Diana Champagne   Verified Buyer “I am going to give you my opinion on the Dr B’s toothpaste. If any of you were like me, you checked out the web site and other reviews and thought wow, that is pretty expensive for a toothpaste. But let me tell you something… it is worth every penny. I have literally only used it 3 times so far but boy what a difference. My mouth/gums have not had the dry hurting feeling since the first time I used it yesterday. The mint flavor does not last extremely long but for a lack of better description my gums feel silky, almost normal again. No more dry achey feeling. When I got my package yesterday, my husband asked what was in it, I just told him stuff that I hope will sooth my gums. Husband asked me a few minutes ago what I have done differently because I am not making the weird faces as much today that I have in the past. He even named the 3 faces I make the most…yay me. He said I finally almost look normal, like I am just letting my mouth rest normally instead of clenching my mouth. So my opinion is to at least try it for yourself. You deserve the expensive stuff every now and then. All I know is that I am hooked, if my mouth feels this much better after 3 uses can you imagine what long term use would be like? I wish now that I would have tried it sooner. I have struggled with this issue for 8 months. I also bought the liquid cleanadent but I won’t be able to give a review on that until end of August at this point. My 3 cents worth. If he ever makes a month wash, I will be all over that also. My only regret is I didn’t try it sooner. Love this stuff.”
Delray./Rachel Morin   Verified Buyer Received your products and really like them. I especially like the sonic cleaner and the paste. Glad I listen to the reviews from youtube to try it. You have a happy camper here and I will be ordering in the future.
Diane Villanueva   Verified Buyer I am So glad i came across the Dr Berlands products. My favorite of all time i highly recommended is the cleanadent. I use that along with the liquid crystals in my sonic solution by Dr B. I had bought as well. I thank them for making such amazing products.
Barbara Hoover   Verified Buyer Yes best clean Ever ❤❤❤
Vilma Boroch   Verified Buyer I absolutely LOVE your cleanadent toothpaste, it keeps your mouth nice and moist I really love the taste of it and so does my boyfriend and he doesn’t even wear dentures LOL
Kelly Taylor   Verified Buyer Knowing the Crystals kill dangerous bacteria, gives me confidence that my dentures are not going to make me sick. And, I love knowing the Cleanadent Paste can be used for both my denture and my mouth. Thank you Dr B!
Tracy L Levesque   Verified Buyer “My final dentures are hybrid fixed. I just recently obtained them. Sadly, there is little to no information available on the internet for daily care and maintenance of fixed dentures – but lots of information about what NOT to do! The maintenance information provided by my dentist was limited to caring for the implants underneath. Thank you for Cleanadent Paste! It is the only product that I found which could actually be used in the mouth and it removed the grainy feeling I had on my “”teeth””. It leaves my dentures feeling smooth and clean – and I love the minty feeling. I will be using this product for many years to come.”
Jennifer Jassen   Verified Buyer I went to the store the other day to get some cleaning paste because I let myself runout of my Dr B’s Cleanadent. 😔 As I looked over the different products, I kept telling myself, nothing compares to Dr B’s, so I didn’t buy anything. Love my Dr B’s, and the customer service is hands down the best!
Lisa White   Verified Buyer Best toothpaste ever hands down
Lisa White   Verified Buyer “I enjoy cleanadent, I brush my gums, and my dentures with it. But then you know what I always reach for after brushing… Mouthwash rinse. Y’all should come up with a good mouthwash, that beats anything on the market today, and has the same flavor as the cleanadent paste. My wife even uses the paste to brush her teeth, she has very sensitive gums and teeth, and always used toothpaste especially made for that. She tried my cleanadent, and has been using it and loves it so much. I know that wasn’t its intended use, but it works really well. She also has told me, after she brushes, she reaches for mouth wash to rinse. And the two different flavors mix and it’s kind of gross tasting, and if you had a mouthwash that killed germs and bacteria and matched the sa,e flavor as the paste, we would both use it daily. Just food for thought. Simon”
Simon Kent   Verified Buyer “Hello I’m a denture wearer and I also had suffered with chronic dry mouth from medications. I had tired everything possible to make my oral health better. Using mouthwash, brushing teeth and gums and flossing and then I found Dr Berlands wonderful Cleanadent Paste. I had suffered from dry mouth so long candida had begun. I started researching about dry mouth and what all it can cause. These products that Dr Berland has actually listened to his patients and he work hard on these wonderful products. I’m new to wearing a denture plate on top but with the Dr B’s Cleanadent paste and the liquid crystals me and my mouth are both now happy and smiling. If you haven’t tired these products you need too because your mouth will love you back ❤️”
Sherrie Harris   Verified Buyer I love the cleanadent paste & liquid crystals. I use these products daily! I brush my dentures while in my mouth after meals and I love the fresh clean feeling I get afterwards. Placing another order today because I DON’T ever want to be without!
Susan M   Verified Buyer The package arrived this morning in tip top shape! Thank you for the dental paste and sonic cleaner. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your excellent customer service. As I said, I am a repeat customer and will always order Dr B products as well as recommend them to my friends.
Estelle Russo   Verified Buyer I got my samoles on monday the 9-24-18 today is day 3 trying this product an im so happy with it. I did the whole all on 4 treatment an finally i can feel my mouth nice an fresh after brushing my gums an inplants, an my plate thank you so much dr. B i will keep using cleanadent for good great great product.. recomment it for sure…
Eve   Verified Buyer Testimonials- As a new denture wearer there are an overwhelming amount of products to choose from it seems and don’t know what to believe or not but I must say the kit here is a great price and you get all the products you need to start off with minus denture brush but OMG these products are great, and I love the paste for gums and the denture! Amazing products, so glad I gave it a chance and purchased, will be my new go to products for sure!! My denture feels so clean after using cleanadent crystals, just love it, thank you DRBdentalsolutions
Eve   Verified Buyer I love the clean feeling I get. No soapy after taste. I have recommended these products to my friends. I am definitely going to order this before I run out.
Lori   Verified Buyer The daily use of Cleanadent crystals completely eliminated the brown discoloration and odor of my night guard after only a few days of use. Recently I have alternately used the Cleanadent paste and liquid crystals that are also effective and easy to apply. I highly recommend all three products!
Nikita Larimer   Verified Buyer Cleanadent Paste and Crystals are the only products I will use. Cleanadent line is the best!
Brenda Sledge   Verified Buyer I love the paste! I love it because I can use it for both dentures and gums/mouth. It’s an all in one.
Mary Prather   Verified Buyer I have diabetes, and have other health issues that slow down the healing process. And a dry mouth is a one of the side affects. It’s great that you can use the DR B’s in your mouth and on your dentures. There aren’t any products out there that you can do that with. And A++ for no more dry mouth and being soothing to very sore gums.
Wendy Parmer-Mellenberger   Verified Buyer I love Cleanadent Paste! I have hypothyroid and my mouth stayed dry. When my dentures were placed it made it that much worse but now that I use Dr. B’s my dry mouth has improved 100%! Thank you Dr. B!
Georgianna Sanders   Verified Buyer I absolutely love all the products. I don’t use any other paste but Cleandent Paste!
Samantha Wiebenga Markham   Verified Buyer Love this paste , would never go back to anything else, my dry mouth is completely gone and I love the fresh taste it gives me <3 Debbie Audette   Verified Buyer Love the Dr. B’s paste!! I changed out 2 of my cleaning products for this one and it is amazing!! I love being able to use 1 product for both my gums and dentures saves time and money!! I would highly recommend this paste!!!💚
Amber Nelson   Verified Buyer LOVE the Cleanadent paste!!!
Glenna Potter Painter   Verified Buyer I use Dr. Berland’s products. My favorite is the Cleanadent Paste! It keeps my gums, lower teeth and mouth healthy. Brushing it on my upper denture means that I’m taking the best care of it that I possibly can!
Pamela LeClair   Verified Buyer I love the cleanadent paste♥️ this is the only stuff that holds for me!! Thanks Dr. B!!
Michelle Wisehart   Verified Buyer Cleanadent is the best cleaner for dentures and mouths, hands-down!
Deborah A Campbell   Verified Buyer All round great paste. Good for your dentures and your teeth and gums. Can’t beat that!!
Vanessa Sharps Jackson   Verified Buyer Cleanadent is the only paste I will use!!!! Great product!
Michelle Johnsotn   Verified Buyer The cleaning paste! Love how gentle it is and I can even clean my gums with it too! Love all your products 💙
Gabriella Rae   Verified Buyer Thanks so much for being so kind and allowing me the chance to try your products!! I am in love with the cleanadent paste and liquid crystals!! I don’t have a need for the adhesadent just yet but I’m sure it’s wonderful as well!!! Thanks again!!
Amber Nelson   Verified Buyer I absolutely love Dr. B’s products! The best out there!! Cleanadent is my favorite!!💕
‎Deborah A Campbell   Verified Buyer I received and love your products, I love the way Cleanadent Paste leaves my mouth feeling clean! I will be ordering a sonic cleaner to go along with my Liquid Crystals just as soon as I can!
‎Jen Hardin   Verified Buyer Absolutely love the liquid cleanadent crystals and the sonic cleaner! Also, the cleanadent paste has changed the way I brush my gums and my denture. Only one paste needed now instead of two!
‎Kayla Bowen   Verified Buyer I finally found a safe, healthy, clean and stain product that allows me brush my teeth in public like anyone else!
Pamela Woods   Verified Buyer I want to thank you for the samples that I received, I don’t have my dentures yet it’s been a year without, however I have started using the paste for my 6 remaining bottom teeth and will be a life time customer! Thank You!
Francesca Hults-Kathmann Verified Buyer
I’m using Cleanadent for my upper and my own lower teeth. It’s fantastic! Cleans so well! I am in the process of using your products that you so generously sent to me. They are fantastic! You’ve done a great job. Thank you.
Pamela Nicols   Verified Buyer My favorites are the CRYSTALS and the cleanedent paste. I have reordered the paste already.
Joy Hermes   Verified Buyer I’ve been using the Cleanadent since yesterday morning and I love it! It’s so soft! I’ve been having trouble with food particles getting trapped between my implant posts and healing caps, so yesterday morning I removed the healing caps and brushed the post and caps really good with the Cleanadent, amazing!!!
Stephanie Saunders   Verified Buyer I love Dr.B cleanadent I got spoiled using it lol I just ran out like 3 days ago I like it being a denture paste and gum mouth paste.Instead of needing toothpaste and denture paste so much easier!!And it really does get help with adhesive and stains.
Lillian Miles   Verified Buyer My bottom teeth are very sensitive because I have periodontal disease and my gums are receding so bad, so the Cleanadent is the perfect alternative to regular tooth paste which is so abrasive!
Stephanie Saunders   Verified Buyer Cleanadent Paste – I just love this product. It’s so good for my mouth, which was so sore most of the time
Kathleen Stairs   Verified Buyer Thank you so very much for sending the complimentary package of your products .I have used the cleaning paste and love it , I like not having to have 2 different pastes 1 for gums 1 for dentures and it make my gums feel great and fresh. Up to this point I have never used a paste I have used Dawn dish soap or Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap ever since I got my teeth almost 1 and a half years ago. I have tried the cleaning crystals also and really like them . I have DenSureFit fit in my tops and really don’t like adhesive as like Fixodent etc is stringy when you remove your teeth so gross . I have used your adhesive on my bottoms and it holds well and doesn’t have that gross stringyness.I hope to purchase one of your cleaning cases in the future and will purchase the paste also in the future . Thank You again for sending me your products I was so surprised that they were full size . Thank You and Thank You from the Denture Community .
Teresa Koff   Verified Buyer I just got your package, thank you so much!! I absolutely love the Cleanadent paste, and will be trying out the adhesive today and cleaning crystals tonight.
Dani Rossean   Verified Buyer I have been using all of your products for almost 4 years now and am glad I do My mouth feels so much better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Debbie W   Verified Buyer I use all of the Dr. B cleaning products and would recommend them with 5 stars. In 14 years, I’ve used Efferdent, Polident, and Fixodent cleaning tablets and Polident Dentu-Creme and Fresh N Brite denture paste and switched to Dr. B products in June. Now I only use Dr. B Dental Solutions. I will never go back to the other products.
Crystal W   Verified Buyer I also use Dr. B exclusively and I have had zero issues. No sores, not one, no dry mouth, no weird anything. I have healed perfectly and I know it’s from his stuff. The only thing I use outside is my antiseptic mouthwash. That’s it. Dr. B’s is good stuff.
Beck G   Verified Buyer Omgosh! Dr. B is a game-changer for us denture wearers!! I use his products exclusively!!!
Terri W   Verified Buyer I kept getting Thrush right after my extractions and immediate dentures 3 yrs ago. Never again since using Dr. B products. I’m a customer for life!
Gail M   Verified Buyer Dr. B’s!! If You Buy The Adhesadent AND The Cleanadent, You’ll Be Golden. The Adhesive Works Great & The Cleanadent (Which Is Basically A Toothpaste For Gums & Dentures) Gets The Adhesive Off The Gums Sooo Good! I Used Poligrip Before & Hated How Hard it Was To Get off My Gums. But This Cleanadent Is The Bees Knees!!
Kesha K   Verified Buyer I’m really young (for dentures) or so I feel I am. I’m only 34 so having to go through this whole process has been really depressing. My teeth started to fall out after cancer. But since finding Dr Bs dental solutions, it hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be! I truly appreciate having a product that someone put so much thought and care into! Dr B supports denture wearers like me. He’s such a kind man! Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be placing more orders in the future!
Kelsey C   Verified Buyer Lorin Berland I just want to tell you that I absolutely love your products!!! I want to purchase the full package but I have to save a little more first. I have the adhesive, tooth paste, and the wipes. They are all amazing!
Kelsey C   Verified Buyer Just got my first kit yesterday and used the adhesive today. I am so excited. No taste, excellent holding power. I have tried so many and most of then are so gross. The paste is awesome, the cleaner is excellent. A pluses all around!! And it just take a little bit, so these products will be cost effective. I could not be happier!!!
Judy Vickrey   Verified Buyer Great Products!
Rachael N Karl   Verified Buyer Just got my first kit yesterday and used the adhesive today. I am so excited. No taste, excellent holding power. I have tried so many and most of them are so gross. The paste is awesome, the cleaner is excellent. Pluses all around!! And it just takes a little bit, so these products will be cost-effective. I could not be happier!!!
Judy V   Verified Buyer I love love it all!
Debbie R   Verified Buyer O.M.G Dr. B!! Your products are AMAZING! Nothing at the store compares! I love what your products do in keeping us healthy with beautiful smiles!
Karie E   Verified Buyer I have tried so many denture adhesives & cleaning products, and nothing worked! Then I found Dr. B Dental Solutions. They have the BEST denture adhesive and cleaning products. The Adhesadent keeps my dentures tight all day, and I’m able to eat anything I want!
Terri W   Verified Buyer Hey to all my friends… OMG I’m sssooo elated right now. I finally used my Dr. B’s and it is A-MAZING…. I love the Liquid Crystal for cleaning and am amazed at the Cleanadent Paste. I LOVE that I can use it on both. And the Adhesadent works great at keeping my upper in. Overall, I think all the products are great!!!
Nancy F   Verified Buyer Absolutely love the products.. wouldn’t use anything else.. my mouth feels so hydrated using your stuff vs other products
Georgette W   Verified Buyer I love using all Dr. B’s products. I know my denture and partial are really clean without harsh chemicals. The Cleanadent paste leaves my mouth feeling soothed and moisturized. When I chose to use an adhesive, it is Dr. B’s because it does not burn and is easy to remove from my mouth and denture! Thank you for the wonderful products. I couldn’t live through this experience with confidence without them!
Yvonne B   Verified Buyer I recently found your products and LOVE THEM. The adhesadent gives the perfect amount of hold, I love the cleanser and how I can use it on my gums AND on my dentures. I wish these items were sold in store. I’ve recommended your products to several denture friends. Thanks for making a product that really works.
Laura O’Neal   Verified Buyer So at the recommendation of Heather B aka The Denture Diva, I ordered the Dr. B kit. It came in yesterday and came with way more than I was expecting. It literally included one of each of his products including a travel size Crystals solution. I’ve been wanting a sonic denture bath since before eday and immediates. I started out last night using the sonic denture bath and liquid crystals and this morning starting with a new ultra soft tooth brush and new denture brush using the cleanadent not only to brush my dentures but also my gums, palate and tongue followed by applying the adhesadent and I must say I’m quite impressed with the mild yet fresh flavor of it all. If only he made a mouthwash that would be great. If you’d like to try these all natural products be sure to use the DENT promotion for 20% off your first order.
Cynthia Rose   Verified Buyer I love Dr. B’s Dental Solution! Every product they make is fantastic! I have had issues with thrush every since I got my upper denture, and Dr. B’s products are the only products on the market that have helped to alleviate it. Also, Dr. B and the entire staff are so friendly and always available to answer any questions; their customer service is A+. I give 5 stars to both Dr. B’s Dental Solution’s products and their customer service! Thank you guys so much for making my denture and implant denture journey so much easier! 💕❤️ You guys rock!
Stephanie S   Verified Buyer . I’ve only been using your product a week, but am very pleased w it. Especially as the paste is much easier to remove from the gums than the original product I was using.
Marlene Gerdes   Verified Buyer I received my kit so fast. I ordered on 4-18-20 and got my kit today 4-22-20! Thank you so much!!! It was like Christmas and immediately tried it out and already love it and the adhesive is so amazing (6 hrs in and hold strong)nothing else has worked to keep my teeth in! I was able to actually eat with my teeth not moving around!! I have lupus and have gotten thrush so much and Im so excited to try this product!!! Thanks again!!!!
James M   Verified Buyer Best products I have ever used. It is unbelievable how good it works. Get some today, you won’t regret it.
Sharon Holton   Verified Buyer In the last year, I lost all my teeth. The hardest thing for me was a thought of wearing dentures. I knew nothing about it and had to do a lot of research. Before my doctor at Clear Choice took out and put in my new teeth, he gave me a package that had all of your products in it, so I had a start. I came home and looked you up and read all I could. One of the things that you have helped me with is my dry mouth. It was a big problem, but now with the Adhesadent things are a lot better! Thank you for creating such an amazing product!
Andrea Griffin   Verified Buyer The best products I’ve tried for cleaning and adhesive. I love the cleaning paste also, it makes my mouth feel so clean! And their customer service is seriously AMAZING. My most recent order either got delivered to the wrong address, or got stolen off my porch. I emailed Dr B’s to see what my options were. I got a personal phone call to verify my shipping information and they sent out a new package. Not only that, but they also sent me about 5 extra products and no charge. WHAT?! So amazing. Thank you Dr B and team, y’all are amazing.
Shayna J.   Verified Buyer I was surfing the web for toothpaste that is none abrasive that didn’t have fluoride, and is safe to use with dental implants. I came across your website. I read all the info on your products. I ordered the CleanADent toothpaste. I ordered 3 tubes and have loved that it cleans and freshens my mouth, safe for my dental implants. I didn’t get dry mouth anymore. The fact that you can use your product on dentures, over dentures, and fixed plates, is a huge plus! Less products to buy.I love the fact that your products work on more bacteria in mouth that can cause real health problems. I also like that it has ADA approval and rating. I also use your adhesive with my temporary denture while implants are healing. It holds longer and better than other denture adhesives I tried. I will be using your products for my daily oral care for the rest of my life. Thank you for creating products that work, are safe, and helps save money. Sincerely, Sheila Bradshaw
Sheila B   Verified Buyer “I found your products through an online Vlog and instantly had to try it. I fell IN absolute love. I bought the kit that included the adhesive, tooth paste, aoic cleaner and sanitizing crystals. I have been absolutely 100% satisfied with everything. My favorite being the tooth paste cleanser. I like that I can use it in mouth as well as out. I’ve even ordered a tube or two since my initial order. I love it so much. I wish I could keep it stocked but being a stay at home mom sometimes funds are limited! This is the best kit you can buy. Dr B has absolute amazing products! You will not be disappointed.”
Krystal Glace   Verified Buyer “Hello! I recently ordered the AdhesaDent and the CleanaDent for my dry mouth. I have an autoimmune disease, take many medications that cause dry mouth and also have had Chemotherapy and Radiation for Breast Cancer. After the chemo/radiation, the dry mouth became so bad that i had to have 22 teeth removed. I had always taken good care of my teeth; to get dentures was just heartbreaking. Well, anyway, after the dentures, my dry mouth was so bad I could hardly speak. And when I did, I constantly had this white sticky paste on my lips which was very hard to remove and embarrassing as I work with the public. I was so impressed with Dr. B’s products, that I took them to Marquette University Dental School this morning. I told Dr. Yasser Khaled, who has been treating me with by antibiotic, about the products and let him keep the boxes. Dr. Khaled is a pathologist/pain management Professor at the University. Marquette University employs some of the best Specialists from our area who teach the students. Many of them see there own patients onsite in private offices; some are retired. Excellent University! Now Marquette will know about Dr. B’s products! Dr. Khaled had not know about the products and was especially impressed with the ADA seal. The school will not deal with anything subpar. So thank you, and I hope by spreading the word, more people will be helped by the products! Thank you, Vicki”
Vicki Listwan   Verified Buyer I’m now just about 7 months from my extraction date and I feel so lucky that I found out about Dr. Berland’s products shortly after getting my immediate dentures. When I first had to take care of my dentures I tried all the denture products that we all know from the local grocery store. I was really disappointed. The cleaning tablets only kill odor causing bacteria and I never felt like my dentures were truly clean. The well known adhesives and powders didn’t work well for me either and gave up their hold in only a few hours leaving a sticky, nasty mess in my mouth. Then I ordered Dr. B’s products and now I refuse to use anything else! I Love the Cleanadent toothpaste! It’s gentle on my gums and my dentures but you know you’re getting a real clean! Dr. B’s Adhesadent Denture Adhesive Ceam securely holds my dentures all day and cleans up easily by brushing with the Cleanadent toothpaste after removing my dentures! Of course every night I soak my dentures in the sonic bath with Dr. B’s Cleanadent Liquid Crystals! Knowing that the Cleanadent Crystals kill 99.99% of Candida, Strep, Staph & Actinomyces gives me complete peace of mind! With Dr. B’s I know my dentures and my mouth are as clean as they can possibly be!! Like I said, I refuse to use anything else… when I open a new tube or bottle I immediately order the next so that I always have my favorite cleaning products on hand! I have no idea why anyone would ever use anything else! I Love You Dr. Berland!!! Thank You and Keep Up the Good Work!!
Joan E. Geesaman   Verified Buyer I emailed dr. B and I will sent samples of the adhesive and the cleaning paste I absolutely love it the adhesive holds so secure I mean like 12 14 hours or more and the cleaning paste really cleans my dentures I’m going to try to Sonic cleaner next but I will recommend these products I’m thankful for you to give me these free samples otherwise I wouldn’t never knew how great your product is if you want an adhesive that’s going to last that’s going to give you a secure hold you need to use dr. B and if you want a cleaner that’s going to make your teeth shine you need to use dr. B
Adrian Campbell   Verified Buyer “I have received, and tried your products. First, I’m amazed that you sent me full size trials in paste, crystals and adhesive. Let me say that I love both the paste and crystals, and give them both a 10. One slight thing I would like, would be for the paste to have just a hint more minty taste, and for the crystals to have a slight color to them. Neither is a deal breaker, as I will definitely be ordering when needed. I rarely use adhesive (I have a full upper only) but will try that too if and when…will surely let them know about your aweome products and customer service.”
Larry Hawk   Verified Buyer Just received my products a few days ago. I recently got my denture so I’m new to all this. Well, the adhesadent “knocked my socks off” after the first use! Great adhering yet cleans off easily! The brushing paste leaves my mouth very clean without a strong flavor. I’ve been using the soak, too. I want to get the sonic cleaner and will soon! My dry mouth is due to medications that I must take. These products make an immediate difference! So nice!!
Caranne Abrams   Verified Buyer “I’m extremely pleased with cleanadent crystals it removed old stains!! Adhesadent holds all day. I LOVE IT!!! Last but far from least the cleanadent. It removes adhesive easily from dentures!! I used to have a very dry mouth, but not anymore!!! I will purchase all three of thes forever!!!!!! A ==”
Cheryl Kolojaco   Verified Buyer “I honestly don’t think there are enough words in the english language to explain how special both this company and their products truly are. I have a severe gag reflex that put me in the position of not being able to even place dentures into my mouth, and a slightly off alveoplasty gave them the slightest tilt on the top that made it even more uncomfortable, painful regardless how many adjustments were done, and unable to eat something even as soft as a banana without tears in my eyes. I tried absolutely EVERYTHING, nothing worked. Even adhesives I found to hold just long enough to eat couldn’t be used because of the taste and the difficult to get off film it left on my gums afterwards which left me triggering my gag reflex for an hour as I tried getting it out of my mouth each time. THEN I FOUND DR.B’S!!! I honestly can’t say enough about these products!! Not only does their adhesive hold brilliantly (not exaggerating, I literally only need to place two small dots about the size of half a pea, one on each side of my lower denture for all day hold) But the taste of both the adhesadent and cleanadent tastes identical to a normal peppermint toothpaste, one that’s mild enough not to cause any feeling of your gums burning or discomfort. Not once have I needed to struggle to get adhesive out of my mouth when using it. The Cleanadent quickly works its magic to ensure you’re feeling squeaky clean in the same time it takes to brush. As a bonus, because of the fit and comfort I get with the adhesive allowing the denture to sit properly the top can now lay properly as well without even the slightest bit of adhesive up top. No gagging, better suction, and I don’t have to fear wearing them anymore. Because of Dr B’s I can wear both top and bottom with confidence. I couldn’t even eat a banana before them, and now as I sit here typing this out I’m nibbling on candied peanuts and nothing is budging even a bit or going underneath! I am beyond thankful for everything they’ve done. I would absolutely recommend them to every single person I know or am asked by. This isn’t only because I’m so floored by the quality of their products but also just their team in general. I swear it doesn’t matter how many times you speak with them, their empathy, pure confidence in the products, and compassion is matched by no one else. You can truly feel that this is a company who cares about their consumers more than they do the profits. And they’ll make you feel how genuinely thankful they are that you’re allowing them to be part of your journey and putting your trust into them. I will definitely be a lifetime customer from here on out. The only con I can think of ( and this isn’t even really a con) is the cost of shipping for Canada. Dying to try the liquid crystals and sonic cleaner. Heard great things! But I’m holding off until I need to order the other products again which may be awhile as the products are so good that they’ll last longer since you don’t have to use much!! Don’t let that deter you though. They are well worth every cent you pay for them!! Thank you so much for everything Dr. B’s!!!!”
Tiffanie Davenport   Verified Buyer “I’ve only had my immediates since August. I’ve tried every single sample adhesive and paste I was given or sent after requested. They were horrible and I was really getting discouraged till I received Dr.B’s samples. This stuff is AMAZING! No taste at all. It’s so easy to apply and clean off . I ♡ that I can brush my gums and dentures with the same paste! I stopped getting sore spots with the adhesive and the cleaning paste. Plus the liquid crystals are amazing too! I smoke and drink coffee so I’m particularly worried about stains and since I started using this line they always look brand new! Thanks Dr. B! I’m now a life time customer!”
Heidi Reed   Verified Buyer Thank you so much. My mother is now using all the products too and we both love how our mouths feel and taste after using your products.My dentures get coffee stains and I love how well the Cleanadent Paste and Crystals soak get them stain free. The adhesive is good and doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth. Thank you for your excellent customer service as well. We hope you’re in business for a very long time!
Deby Neiman   Verified Buyer My denturist gave me a tube of the toothpaste. I love all the products. My mouth tastes clean and my dentures are happy. Love the adhesive as it works well and comes off easily. It doesn’t leave a nasty taste either. Thanks for the products. My teeth look and feel clean. And my mouth is less dry.
Deby Neiman   Verified Buyer I have been using these products for about 2 weeks now and I must say awesome is the word!!!! The hold of the adhesive is the best I have found. It holds great and is easy to remove. The Cleanadent Paste makes my mouth feel clean and fresh all day, and the Liquid Crystals clean to perfection. Thank you so much for these wonderful products and for caring so much about the denture community.
Becky Durham   Verified Buyer I received my Dr. B’S Dental products a little over a week ago. I love how the Cleanadent toothpaste keeps my mouth fresh and my dentures clean!! The Cleanadent crystals kill any germs and bacteria. Which is important if you have had problems with infections. Adhesadent has no yucky after taste. All products are safe and easy to use!
Janice Taylor   Verified Buyer “Thank you for the samples. I have used them for a few days now and I like them. The Cleanadent is pleasant tasting. A little goes a very long way. The Adhesadent (I use it on the lower) holds better than Fixodent Plus Superior Hold and is a lot easier to remove. I, being only 4 months in as a new denture wearer, am still using the immediates. Therefore, I am still getting used to them, what to expect, what’s best to use, etc. Today is my first time using the adhesive on my upper and it allowed a much needed seal against food getting trapped. Thank you for such effective and pleasant tasting products. I will definitely make a purchase when more is needed. Anyone who reads this post and is not sure if this product it worth purchasing, I can without reservation say, YES it is worth giving it an honest try. You won’t be disappointed.”
Ms. Norwood   Verified Buyer I also am battling Lupus and other autoimmune disorders. I love all of the products and my caregivers are very happy with the results. My denture looks as good as the day it was made according to my provider. My dry mouth is gone! The paste is great for sensitive mouths. My favorite overall has to be the cleaning liquid. I did not have peace of mind about the pathogens/infections that affect dentures until I found the cleaning crystals and now liquid cleaner!
Pamela Woods   Verified Buyer Love the paste!! The adhesive is great too!
Kelli Marshall   Verified Buyer Everything Dr. Berland has is amazing! I am currently using the Cleanadent and the Adhesant, and I love them both! I won’t be using anything else! 💕
Stephanie Saunders   Verified Buyer Thank you so much for the package. I wanted to share my experience so far… I love it! This morning, I cleaned my dentures with the paste and then dried them after letting them run through my ultrasonic. The adhesive is wonderful! No yucky taste or tingle ( like the other brand that I have been using ). My dentures – full upper and bottom partial- feel like they are a part of me. No wiggle, and no discomfort whatsoever! I am so happy and will surely be a customer for life. Note: I am currently wearing my dentures made with Karadent material which seems to have an issue with some adhesives but this, this is a match in heaven. xoxox Thank you so much!
Christine Capon   Verified Buyer “Thank you! I love love love your products! Best adhesive and cleaner I have ever used! They actually make wearing dentures not so bad! I just started using these products (adhesadent and cleanadent) they have changed the way I feel about my dentures. The adhesadent holds for about 24 hours and the cleanadent makes it so easy to get them clean no more sticky mess. I love these products and highly recommend them!”
Eileen Lane   Verified Buyer The best! I know I’m safe and protected with these products! The cleaning crystals are life for me! No way, no how would I use any other otc cleaning crystals or tablets! 1 packet last 3 days! It only takes a pea size amount to clean you mouth and teeth! You can use the cleaning paste while your teeth are in your mouth! The paste is great for public situations and interpersonal times (wink, wink?). I also spread a thin layer of the paste on my denture teeth and let it sit and whiten for a while. It works great! I’ve tested the adhesive 4 separate times and each time it’s last 24 hrs and is just a strong as when it was 1st applied! Best of all your free from bacteria and fungus and no dry mouth!
Pamela Woods   Verified Buyer After what you just did for me, and looking out for me like you did, of course you can use that on your website. My husband, Richard, works for Home Depot in customer service and I used to be a retail manager, we both are well aware how often you hear complaints and how little you hear the good stuff. You went out of your way for me, and I really appreciate that, and if by using my words it will help your company, of course you can use them on your site. The paste is by far the best product Ive used to self clean my teeth. I use it on my gums, and my teeth to clean off excess gummy stuff and it instantly comes off. Toothpaste doesn’t do that. I used the adhesadent earlier this morning and Ive had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch and a bag of popcorn for a snack and my teeth are as secure as can be. I’m so glad I found your products on Amazon. I did a search for adhesants because I am new to dentures and nothing was keeping my bottom ones in my mouth. Your product is the best one Ive used. When you find something that works, you stick with it. 🙂 Thank you again, you have been extremely helpful and I will be recommending you by word of mouth as well and telling people what you did for me and how wonderful your product is.
Jim Gordon   Verified Buyer I received your package and tried them this morning. The toothpaste was amazing I brush my mouth and teeth first. I had been using Tom’s or Hello Toothpaste but your Cleanadent was so much better it had a minty taste but not overpowering like Crest . Also my mouth felt refreshed and clean. Smooth is the only word I can think of . Next I cleaned the intermediate upper Denture . Previous I was using either Dial or Dawn liquid soap to clean them and really had to rinse them off . When I used your toothpaste I notice it has a slight bubbling and was easy to rinse off . Next the Adhesadent I followed the instructions did the strips made sure my mouth was wet and inserted the upper denture and held it for about 20 seconds per the instructions. I have extremely dry mouth and I didn’t realize how much the previous adhesives Fixadent Poligrip both in paste and powder were drying out my mouth and the horrible taste . In the three hours I’ve had it in my mouth I keep tasting a refreshed slight mint no more dry feeling. It’s also holding the denture and feels like there isn’t as much of a barrier between the palate and the denture. The only bad thing I can say is I wish I had this months ago . Thank You again for letting me try this I’m sold on your products .
Lisa White   Verified Buyer Cleanadent Paste is great for both your dentures and your mouth. Leaves both feeling super clean and fresh.
Gail Moss   Verified Buyer I like the foaming action on my permanent dentures. It really cleans them up.
Micky P   Verified Buyer When I got my ” All On 4 “, the Doc gave me some Cleanadent paste and told me not to use regular toothpaste. I didn’t believe him so I tried them both but he was right . Your Cleanadent paste definitely keeps my implant teeth way cleaner than toothpaste .
Fred P.   Verified Buyer Between the Cleanadent Paste and the Crystals Soak , my SnapOn Denture and Implants have never felt so clean. And I must say , the Adhesadent helps my Snap On stay in better too !
Steven M.   Verified Buyer I used regular toothpaste on my first set of upper & lower All on 4s . I noticed my new teeth soon lost their shine. With my 2nd set , my Doctor gave me a tube of Cleanadent Paste and my teeth never felt so clean. And they still shine !
Billy B. , Oklahoma   Verified Buyer The Cleanadent paste tasted and felt like real toothpaste. It left my mouth feeling really refreshed!
Mike B, implant denture wearer   Verified Buyer “Even though I am a full All on 4 customer, I feel that this toothpaste is more gentle on the plastic. This toothpaste leaves a clean and refreshing taste in my mouth.” Cathy S. , Texas
Cathy S.   Verified Buyer “Very clean feeling on gums !!”
Stephania L.   Verified Buyer “Really -you have made a good product. ! ” Musa A. , Texas
Musa A   Verified Buyer “Made my uppers feel cleaner.” Lyndell L. , Texas
Lyndell L.   Verified Buyer “Very refreshing” Jim T. , Texas
Jim T.   Verified Buyer ” Paste cleans efficiently. Like the fact it has no apparent taste like fruit or mint .” Hali B. , Illinois
Hali B.   Verified Buyer