Dental Appliance Kit

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For: Removable Dental Appliances, Orthodontic Appliances, Sleep/Airway Devices, and Guards.

Includes New and Improved Ultrasonic Cleaner, Liquid Crystal Soak Cleanser.

Powerful Cleaning For All Dental Appliances


  • Liquid Crystal Soak Cleanser – Economy Size (12oz, 45 Cleanings)
  • Dr. B Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ideal for Orthodontic Appliances (Retainers & Aligners), Sleep/Airway Appliances (Snoring & Sleep Apnea) and Guards (Sports Guards & Night Guards).

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Protect Your Health

The Most Effective Cleaning System For All Removable Dental Appliances

The powerful Liquid Crystal Cleanser and Ultrasonic Cleaner combination will keep any removable dental appliance clean like new. Works in just minutes – just turn on the device and walk away!

Kills harmful bacteria

Bacteria & Fungi can colonize dental appliances. When not disinfected regularly, these pathogens can lead to Thrush, Pneumonia, Stomatitis & other serious health issues.

Our Cleansing System kills 99.99% Candida Albicans, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus & E. Coli.

The best, most effective, & safest soak cleanser and ultrasonic cleaner

Our innovative formulas combine modern science with time-tested natural remedies, you’ll be feeling clean & healthy while getting the most out of your oral appliance!

Watch Dr. B explain how to use the Denture Solution Kit

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The Most Effective Daily Cleaning Routine

1. Fill Ultrasonic Cleaner Basin With Water

2. Squirt 2-4 Pumps of the Liquid Crystal Cleanser into the Ultrasonic Cleaner Basin

3. Insert Dental Appliance

4. Press Power Button To Set Timer

1X For 5 Minutes, 2X For 10 Minutes, 3X
For 15 Minutes

5. Ultrasonic Cleaner will shut off automatically

6. Remove Dental Appliance and Rinse Thoroughly

7. Dispose of Cleaning Solution

For more information visit our clean tips page.

Our Denture Kits are trusted by professionals

See why thousands of dental professionals recommend our cleaning system!

“What amazing products. Highly recommended! A whole system which my patients can use for all dental prostheses.. Patients love the adhesive “it holds my denture better”. The cleansing paste removes the adhesive in an effective manner, and the Cleanadent Crystals are a must for all those who wear a dental appliance!”

DR. Israel Finger

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Are you a denture professional?

“thanks for creating such a great product. My patients love the Cleanadent Liquid Crystals and the Dr B Sonic Cleaner. I love the fact they can order online without me having to keep it in stock. Several patients have told me it makes thier appliances smell and taste better. It has also helped a few with some fungal issues. Great stuff Lorin. Thanks we needed this.”

Dr. Mitch Conditt


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